About us

Wimico (Pty) Ltd. was launched in 1987 as a branch of Willich in Germany and commenced business in September 1988 in a joint venture with Kloeckner Becorit.

The company started as a supplier of chemical products for Rock-consolidation, Watersealing, Erection of Ventwall etc. for underground Mining.

Until 1992, Wimico only employed some technicians to give training to the mine employees and to work as supervisors with them. In the following years, the Mines requested more and more from Wimico, to take over the full job and therefore, Wimico changed step by step from a supplier to a Contractor.

Finally, from 1996 Wimico is acting fully as contractor in the above mentioned field. We supply Resin and Anchors, have got well trained and experienced crews and buying our own equipment for jobs on the Mine.

In 1999, Fosroc Stratabolt SA (Pty) Ltd, now Minova, acqired Wimico (Pty) Ltd. and since then, Wimico has been acting as a Contractor division of Fosroc Stratabolt (Pty) Ltd. In November 2003, Mr. Gerd Bartkowiak bought 100% of the Shares of Wimico and is from this date running Wimico as Manager Director and sole owner.

Mr. Bartkowiak joined Wimico from the start as Technical Director and took over later as Managing Director. He has a Masters degree in Mining Engineering and is in the possession of a Mine Manager Certificate. He was employed as a Mine Manager in German Coalmines in the Ruhr area from 1975 until 1988.

The last 10 Years Wimico took Business throughout South-Africa, mainly on Gold-Mines, but also in Platinum, Diamond and Copper Mines. We have been also strongly involved in projects in Namibia (Tsumeb, Otjihase & Kombat) and in Botswana (Letlabane & Orapia).